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Delta Virtual Air Lines is a non-profit organization and is made to give our pilots the most professional and realistic flying experience in the Mobile Flight Simulator, Infinite Flight. We have nearly 350 destinations along with over 1,500 routes. We are always open and welcoming to having new pilots join. Just simply fill out the pilot application and get a reasonable grade on your written test and you'll be a pilot in no time. Join us Today!



Delta Virtual has been recruiting pilots since late 2016. We are always looking for new pilots to join and soar the Infinite Flight Skies with us.


Delta Virtual takes you around the world with more than 1,500 real-world routes based upon 14 hubs and hundreds of destinations that span the globe. Come soar with Delta Virtual to see what is beyond the horizon on Infinite Flight.


Latest News

Delta Virtual Operations Update



Good afternoon all, here is the most recent Covid-19 operations update hot off the press from the BOD.

After a lengthy discussion on whether or not to continue to cancel routes based on what IRL Delta Airlines does, we have come to the decision that we will not be restricting anyone from flying any of the canceled routes that Delta has announced. 

We realize that #realism was the top choice over #flyanything in the poll we recently sent out. That being said, you are more than welcome to continue to avoid flying canceled flights on your own. However, there was still a significant amount of people who wanted to fly all of our routes regardless of cancellations; and we did not want to restrict them from doing so. 

All IRL canceled flights can be filed and will count for medallions. The website will be updated to reflect this most recent change. 

We thank you for understanding and appreciate you all. We hope you all stay healthy and mentally strong during this unprecedented time period. 

On behalf of the DLVA BOD

Route Advisory: Covid19



In an effort to keep our operations as realistic as possible, and match real life Delta, DLVA will be cancelling all flights into mainland China and Hong Kong starting February 2 until April 30. This only includes mainline flights. (Flights operated in Delta  planes such as KATL-ZSPD). All mainline flights into and out of China between this  time range will be voided. You can view some of the main airports that are involved in the graphic above. We will update you guys as new information becomes available. Please keep in mind this suspension can remain over a few months. We apologize for any inconveniences. Stay tuned for more information.

Update 1: 02/26/2020 

From Feb 29 through April 30, Delta Virtual will be suspending service between Minneapolis (KMSP) and Seoul, Korea (RKSI). We apologize for any inconvenience. We will keep updating you guys as new information becomes avialable.

Effective 03/13/2020

 In response to Washington closing our boarders from Europe and imposing a restricted travel rule, Delta Virtual will be canceling all flights to and from all European countries (except for England and Ireland) starting Friday night at 11:59pm EST. Please note that you will still have access to our Sky Team route network, so as long as member airlines do not cancel their flights to the US and back to Europe, you can still fly to Europe via the Sky Team network. Stay healthy all and remain calm, we will power through this. Cheers all!

Effective 03/14/2020

Washington has recently expanded their imposed travel ban to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Therefore on Monday 03/16/2020 at 11:59pm EST, all Delta operated flights to these two countries will be halted. Please note that you will still have access to our Sky Team route network, so as long as member airlines do not cancel their flights to the US and back to Europe, you can still fly to Europe via the Sky Team network. Everyone be sure to stay healthy, safe and make sure to power through this tough time. Have a great Saturday everyone!