About Delta Virtual Air Lines

We were officially recognized as a certified Virtual Airline by the IFVARB on December 26, 2016 under the guidance of our former CEO, @USA007 from the Infinite Flight Community. In nearly a year of service, we have grown to be one of the largest VA’s on Infinite Flight. This number does not come without quality as we hold a very high standard of professionalism both on the IFC, the VA Community, and on the IF Live Servers.

At DLVA, we pride ourselves on having one of the most active communities within the Infinite Flight Community. As such, it is our initiative to bring our pilots together for group flights, internal events and IFC events on the biggest stage and around the globe. From a Sky Team Event Series with our friends at AF-KLM that saw more than 50 pilots take flight from KATL to KSLC, to enjoying a #TurbopropTuesday from KBOS to Toronto, Delta Virtual brings our pilots together for some of the biggest events on the IFC.

Our Mission Statement

Delta Virtual will strive to uphold the highest standards of the Infinite Flight Community, the IFVARB, and our pilots. We will encourage our community to be active members of the IFC, to create an environment of enjoyment, kindness and professionalism. DLVA will be active in pilot training, to promote learning, and to promote growth in each individual.

Our Vision

To be leaders in aviation with service through punctuality, friendliness, and professionalism.

At Delta Virtual, we have the most real-to-life route system with more than 1,500 routes that bring pilots to the 14 Delta hubs around the world, as well as our Delta + system that allows pilots to fly every route found on Delta.com

DLVA strives to have the most realistic route system, with real-life routes with the aircraft that matches what you would fly in the real world. If Delta offers a KATL to KJFK route in the B763, you'll find that option in our system.

DLVA Pilot Academy

At Delta Virtual, we strive to have our pilots be the best in the skies of Infinite Flight. After much work and development, DLVA was proud to announce the launch of our pilot training academy in Spring of 2019! Our team of instructors, comprised of experts including real-world pilots and IFATC specialists and officers, is here to ensure that all of our pilots are held to the absolute highest standard. Further solidifying DLVA as the face of professionalism in the IFC community, our pilot academy is fully prepared to provide instruction for both new and seasoned pilots; from aircraft performance to understanding real-world departure and arrival plates and everything in between, our pilots will be the most knowledgeable team in the IF skies.

Led by MDoor, the Pilot Academy is a three-step program that is designed to be engaging with our pilots and help promote a group training program.

Ranking Structure: Delta Virtual operates a ranking structure that allows pilots to dip their toes in the water of our system as they get started with Regional Routes as a Second Officer, after 10 hours of flight, you start to unlock the world as a First Officer. As you progress, pilots will make their way through our system as a Second Officer > First Officer > Senior First Officer > Captain > Senior Captain.

  • Second Officer | 0-10 Hours | Regional
  • First Officer | 10-40 Hours | Short Haul and Regional
  • Senior First Officer | 40-100 Hours | Charter, Medium Haul, Short Haul and Regional
  • Captain | 100-200 Hours | Long Haul and above
  • Senior Captain | 200+ hours | Ultra Long Haul and above

What does this mean for a new pilot? It means that instead of having a rank dictate what aircraft you can fly, you are only limited by the distance of our ranks. A Second Officer (new pilot) is able to fly Regional routes. Aircrafts available on Regional routes include everything from a CRJ2 up to a B752 - and sometimes others depending on real-world Delta Routes as we update our system daily. Pilots also have the option to fly our routes of the week, which are not rank-restricted!

DLVA Medallions: As a DLVA pilot's favorite feature of our great VA, medallions trully unlock the power of pushing our crew to strive to complete our routes. Pilots unlock rewards by completing tasks that are as basic as being wheels down at every hub (Silver), to completing a complete Hub in Platinum. DLVA features Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Delta 360 rewards.

DLVA Event Rewards: At DLVA, we reward our pilots for attending our many great events with a great rewards program that lets pilots earn priority pushback status, bonuses for taking part in events, and a great opportunity to lead future events! With DLVA Event Rewards, you can earn Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Event Reward Status!