Board of Directors

Our Staff's mission statement is to allow our pilots to experience a community of fellow Delta Air Lines lovers to pilot the Delta fleet on the Infinite Flight simulation app. We are always here for our Pilots. We work to be the leaders in aviation service through punctuality, friendliness, and professionalism. Delta Virtual has put together one of the most well-equipped staff teams to run our daily operations. We do not have a set CEO which means we run Delta Virtual as a Board of Directors. Our board is active daily and are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance. Take a look below at our upper management!

My name is Ethan and I am the VA Manager and Event Coordinator here at Delta Virtual. I live in the marvelous state of Colorado, where I am a high school student. I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and two dogs. Since I was young, I always had a fascination with flying. In the summer of 2018, I really inserted myself into the community and found DLVA. I looked at it, thought it would be fun, and joined. I was accepted shortly after, and I’m here now to make fun events for you to enjoy!

My name is Michael and I have been lucky enough to be a part of DLVA since 2017. While on staff I have helped lead events, manage the VA Route system as well as our Hub Captains. I am an IFVARB team leader, helping prospective VA's receive certification as well as an IFATC Officer, trained to handle radar. Outside of IF, I work in marketing at a University and am a sports addict. When not attending a college football game, I'm usually yelling at the TV watching one with my wife, Jess.

My name is Kyle Ryan and I am the CIO (Chief Instructional Officer) at Delta Virtual. I’ve always had a love and passion for aviation as long as I can remember. Infinite Flight sparked my love for aviation even more! I’ve been in Delta VA since it has opened in mid December 2016, and now I’m the CIO here which is a huge honor. When I’m not flying on this amazing simulator, I am a high school student and a huge sports fan. Sports from tennis to football I love it all!

Raised by a US Marine Corps pilot, I have always had a deep-rooted passion for aviation. After earning my private pilot’s license in 2011 and working for a flight school in Addison, TX, I went on to study aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics at the University of Texas at Austin. I’m now 25 and currently work as an avionics engineer in Dallas, TX and still fly every chance I get. I’m looking forward to flying with you!

My name is Will, A.K.A Vari2ty, the resident DLVA slacker and one of the data managers. In real life, I’m actually a pilot. I am currently a pilot for a commercial airline. I hold an ATP, CFI, CFII, and Remote Pilot certificate as well as type ratings in the Embraer 170/190 and the Beechcraft 1900. My wife is a flight attendant for SouthWest. When I’m not busy playing airplanes, I reside in Dallas, TX. I do a lot of traveling, both for work, and personal. I have been to all 50 states and 45 different countries. Other than that, I enjoy relaxing at home with my 2 dogs and 2 cats. Cya in the skies!

My name is Carlos Funes and I am staff here at DLVA. I help out with everything from flight logging to helping out new pilots. I love everything related with commercial aviation. I have been obsessed with commercial aviation since I'm 7. I'm currently living in Los Angeles and I'm a Junior at Granada Hills Charter High School. I'm very excited to work along the other staff members and to help the needs of our pilots. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me!

My name is Ben P. As a kid, my parents had jobs which had me live overseas during most of my childhood. Through that, I became obsessed with aviation and travel. I have always loved flight sims and played them during my free time which led me to discover Infinite Flight many years ago. I love the community here at DLVA and at IF which I think sets it apart from the competition. Outside of DLVA, I work at Delta Mainline as a Ramp Agent at KMSN. During my free time I am an active runner, and cyclist. My wife and I are also passionate about traveling, which leads us to jump on a plane any chance we get.

My name is Chad C. Growing up on the farm watching the crop dusters always intrigued me. I was hooked on aviation from a young age, and was lucky enough to start working towards my PPL while in high school. I finally ended up getting my license in college but I decided that flying professionally may not be for me, and trained to be an A&P. Now, you can find me maintaining helicopters fighting wild land fires in the Western United States or traveling the world with my wife.

Support Staff

Delta Virtual has put an emphasis on spotlighting our great pilots and their potential to grow with the VA into future positions. As such, we have a support team that has added an extra level of support to the Delta Virtual Community. Our support team helps with events, pilot support, technology, and more. Meet them below!

My name is Grace Hopper and I am part of the technology team here at Delta Virtual. My name was chosen after the famous Navy Admiral known as the grandmother of Cobol. Like her, I am a real life programmer. I help out around DLVA with some of the more technical stuff and hang out in our Slack community.

Hello, I am Michael McMurray, @Michael Mc, and I help out with the DLVA Pilot Academy. I came to DLVA through a love for Delta I've had since childhood. I found IF from a local friend and have been immersed ever since. I have always had a love affair with anything aviation and aerospace related. Even though I am not in the aviation industry personally, but growing up in the "Rocket City," I have been lucky enough to have constant exposure to one of my great passions. The other being I am an avid cyclist. I am also an Alabama Crimson Tide (NCAAF) fan since birth. Roll Tide! I am an electrician by trade and father of two beautiful daughters, Morgan 6 and Alyssa 15. Don't be afraid to ask me anything, I may be the Head of the Pilot Academy, but I am also here to make everyone's day a little brighter. So, once again welcome to DLVA, now Go Fly!